How to Apply for Tuition Assistance


Please know that it is of utmost importance to us at The Sycamore School that financial considerations are not the driving factor in deciding to join our community.


If Sycamore School is a match for your child, we are dedicated to working with you to make it an affordable option.


Like many independent schools, The Sycamore School has partnered with TADS, a third party administrator, to assist in determining a family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses. Our leadership team uses this assessment, along with any additional information regarding special circumstances, to make tuition assistance award decisions.


To apply for tuition assistance, please visit create an account, complete the online application, and upload the supporting documents.  Detailed instructions are available on TADS.  Tuition assistance for the 2019 - 2020 school year is closed.


The tuition assistance application for the 2020-2021 school year will open on November15, 2019 and will be due on February 18, 2020.


Please note: There is a $34 processing fee required to apply for tuition assistance. If this is a hardship for your family, please contact Molly Ripton at 310-456-1980 to make alternate arrangements. In addition, TADS offers assistance with the online tuition assistance application. Support hours are

Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-4pm and Sun 10am-4pm. Call 800-477-8237 or email

Confidentiality Notice: The Sycamore School maintains confidential financial aid records for all applicants. The leadership team reviews these records. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between the recipient family and the school.


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