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California 22nd Mission Exhibition Prep

The 22nd Mission Project ask students to imagine themselves as designers of a brand new California mission (the original Spanish settlers stopped at 21). Paige, Kylie, and Jim helped student understand and empathize with different points of view during this process. Before they could fully embark upon the #DesignThinking process, students were asked to create a new mission statement for their mission - How can this building complex serve all stakeholders?

The past few weeks the Clubhouse and Paige's group have been working on several pieces for exhibition. Some of these exciting things include:

  • Adobe brick making

  • Writing first person diary entries as someone from a mission, either as a Priest, Native American, or Soldier

  • Creating a topography map of California and displaying the location of their new mission

  • Writing persuasive paragraphs, "Why is your location the best for the new mission?"

  • Designing blueprints

  • Building 3D Models of the 22nd mission

In addition, Clubhouse students have been reading The City of Ember in book groups as well as working on deciphering the meanings of prefixes such as sub-, com-, pro-, and en-. In Patterns & Modeling, students have been continuing to dig into fractions; designing their own measurement tool, creating fraction strips to go along with their measurement tool, and using both of them to create algorithms to solve addition and multiplication of fractions. Here are some pictures of their great work! As part of their study of the California Missions, students imagined they were a priest, a Native American, or a soldier during the time of the missions being built. Each student wrote a diary entry of a day in the life of their chosen perspective. Look for their aged diary entries during the exhibition!

A Special visit from the Arch Bishop, gave the students the special task of designing the 22nd mission!

Making topographical maps!

Creating frames for the adobe bricks. After building frames, students created their own adobe bricks using soil, straw, and water!

Designing blueprints for their 3D mission models.

Putting their designs into action.

Look for their finalized 3D models at our exhibition on Wednesday, March 21st!.

The Week at a Glance

Communication Literacy

1. Book groups

- fluency and intonation

- making predictions

- identifying figurative language

- identifying author's voice

2. Typing Club

3. Sight Word Spelling Lists on Spelling City

4. Persuasive paragraph structure

5. Writing in the first-person perspective

Patterns & Modeling

1. Defining and comparing whole numbers

2. Decomposing numbers using Base 10 to make observations about regrouping numbers in multi-digit addition and subtraction

3. Reviewing rounding numbers to place value and decimals

Theme Time

1. 22nd mission proposals

- create mission blueprints

- labeling topographical maps of California

- begin 3D model build of the proposed mission


1. Building a model robot using Tinkercad and the 3D printer

2. Body Systems: adding the circulatory system to our body posters and an introduction to the digestive system

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