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Really Great Things

"How do people come together to do great things?"

Over the past few months, Sycamore students have explored this guiding question from many perspectives. Their collaboration has taught them to think more deeply about how they learn best as individuals and how everyone contributes in unique ways to a group. They have taken on many challenges along the way. This week, they were finally ready to present their experiences to the community at our exhibition this week!

Brie's group presented their two games: Chutes, Ladders, Bridges and Bananas and Pantry Wars. They also shared the collaborative coding story they created called, Hunt for the Treasure!

Before the exhibition, students prepared the room with their own reflections on learning about collaboration and organized their games and coding story.

E.B. - “I’ve learned to be more calm and listen to other people’s ideas. It’s also about the other people too."

G.A. - "To collaborate, you have to treat other people the way you want to be treated. What I’ve learned about collaboration is that if you all work together and someone has a really good idea, you say, “good idea...can you show me how to make it work?”

Students played their newest game, Pantry Wars with their families! It’s a race between the Mustard and Ketchup Warriors and the Mice to see who can win the Pantry! With their own special powers, each warrior contributes to the team. “You better listen to each other, or the mice will win!” - D.P.

Following exhibition, the game creators shared their game with peers as well and received the following feedback:

L.R. - “I liked how you guys made it! It’s like you are making a real game! It looks like a realistic game!”

S.R. - “I really liked beating the mice to the end!”

S.K. - “It was neat how you designed the path.”

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