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Mission Exhibition Wrap-up

Clubhouse students were eager to share all of their hard work at their exhibition! To conclude their study of the California Missions, students created first person diary accounts, persuasive paragraphs, topographical maps, blueprints, and a model of their own 22nd mission! Students shared their knowledge and explained their thinking to parents who came to partake in the extravaganza!

Following the exhibition, students debriefed as a group, discussing the following reflective questions:

  • How can we connect the mission system to our guiding question of people coming together to do great things?

  • How can we connect our own process and work during the project to our guiding questions?

  • In what ways did you experience collaboration and competition during the process?

Here are a few of their insightful responses:

  • "The missions were like a great thing in history, but it changed history. It doesn’t have to mean something that’s good, it just has to mean something that’s big. It shaped the way California is today." - E.V.

  • "Our group was really good with cooperation. We would only argue every once in a while. If I wanted something, then I would ask for it and our group would talk about it. Jobs (roles) helped us be successful." -R.B.

  • "I thought our group did well on collaborating because we also had jobs and different roles. Once we got to the building it got a little more competitive because different people wanting to put things in different places. After a while, we got back to collaborating because we agreed we had to get things done." -T.C.

Archbishop Fonté from Mexico City visited the students again to accept a proposal for the 22nd mission! He also came with news that each group would be awarded their own unique medal of recognition for their hard work, collaboration, and critical thinking. Here is the full list of the awards:

Most likely to be civil engineers: for excellence in critical thinking during the design of their mission blueprints by creating a unique water transportation system

Most likely to win the Nobel Peace Prize: for excellence in their creation of a new mission for the mission system that emphasized peace and equality for everyone

Most likely to be future leaders: for excellence in overcoming differences of opinion and learning that collaboration requires valuing the expertise of others

Most likely to save the earth: for excellence in resourcefulness during the build of their 3D model by repurposing materials in a unique and creative way

Most likely to climb Mount Everest: for excellence in adopting a growth mindset and preserving through many unforeseen building setbacks, as well as the excellent incorporation of the physical terrain into their design

Most likely to become CEO’s: for excellence in writing their mission proposal and verbal persuasion during their exhibition presentation

Most likely to build the 22nd Mission!

Thank you to our community for supporting our students as they learn through experience the value of collaboration. They show us that together, they do REALLY GREAT THINGS!

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