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Visualizing Numbers

This week in Patterns and Modeling, students worked on an activity from Jo Boaler's, YouCubed. Students were presented with a number visual, showing different dot patterns that represent a number. They were invited to explore this depiction of numbers and to see what patterns they could uncover in the visual representations. In addition, students discovered what primes look like as they investigated the different factors inside numbers. Numbers contain all sorts of information that make them different from each other, special, and interesting.

During the activity students had a variety of observations. T.C. noted that the bigger numbers were made up of the smaller numbers. Another student observed that all the prime numbers were represented by the same pattern. Some students shared that many numbers had a variety of patterns within one number; recognizing that those patterns represented factors. As a class, we discussed why we would color code certain numbers a specific way and what the benefit of seeing numbers visually is. Overall, students explored number visualization at various levels.


Clubhouse Week at a Glance

Communications Literacy

  • Story Pirate Story Writing

  • Book Groups - City of Ember - Students focused on identifying and sharing words that are new, interesting, challenging, or unknown.

  • Students worked on finalizing their stories about surviving a blackout

Patterns and Modeling

  • YouCubed - Visualizing numbers and identifying patterns in numbers. Determining how they help us find factors and prime numbers.

  • Review of maximum, minimum, range, and average.

  • Defining the median in a data set and exploring how to find averages


  • Forming groups for cereal companies and defining roles within each group (ex. CEO, graphic designer, etc.)

  • Begin research and development of cereal product - (Main Ingredients, taste, smell, look)


  • Continuing Digital Literacy education: Private and Personal Information - How can you protect yourself from online identity theft? How can we be safe when providing our information online?

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