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KinderGARDENING - Fall Edition

What do you notice when you get up close to the soil in your garden? Kindergartners find life. They study the slow-growing roots of seeds, examine pesky aphids, and follow slug trails. They breathe the smells of fresh organic soil, budding flowers, and aromas of herbs. With dirt in their fingernails and frogs in their pockets, these little wonderers are actively bringing new life to their garden.

Labeling the garden gave Kindergartners a chance to take inventory and think about what else they wished to plant - carrots, cantaloupe, and strawberries were high on their list!

Students are learning organic ways to plant and protect tiny seeds. They are making observations, asking questions, and documenting the growth of their plants.

A field trip to Boething Treeland Farm gave Kinders the opportunity to explore and connect with others who have a passion for gardening. They discovered fragrant, flowering, and fruit-bearing plants!

Kindergartners are currently exploring ways to support their strawberries. They noticed tiny aphids, caterpillars, and slugs eating away at the lower leaves and they are motivated to build a structure to raise the leaves off the ground. This process provides an opportunity to explore our design-thinking toolkit!

In addition to supporting strawberry plants by lifting their leaves off the ground, some Kindergartners invented aphid traps!

Gardening is a full sensory experience for Kindergartners. It would not be possible without the support of community members and educators whose expertise guides our exploration. The Sycamore garden is a place of promise and wonder.

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