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By Brie Tompkins, Kindergarten Educator and Curriculum Specialist

There is so much to celebrate as we reflect on the past year and begin anew. This photo blog will take you on a journey into the creative, adventurous, inquisitive, and collaborative experiences of life at Sycamore.

Sharing a collaborative poem at Poetry Night

Climbing at Discovery Cube

Hiking on Catalina Island

Sharing some snuggles

Testing how many pumps of air will fill a balloon before it pops

Collecting data at Malibu Pier

Using a slingshot to test how the size of an object affects air resistance

Jamming with the Bamboo Band

Giving feedback on each others’ experiments

Testing parachute canopy shapes

Hanging in there to film a graduation video

Feeling the vibrations from tuning forks

Making pizzas

Tinkering with circuits to create a visible arc of electricity

Reading our own picture books

Creating an aerodynamic wing design

Swinging with friends

Analyzing data in order to prove a hypothesis

Watching shapes change with sound waves on a cymatics device

Preparing to go snorkeling with leopard sharks

Making sounds on a theremin using an electromagnetic field

Treasuring good friends

Preparing displays to show the scientific process for Exhibition

Connecting with friends as we prepare for new adventures

From all of us at Sycamore, we hope your summer was filled with new and exciting experiences, quality time with friends and family, and a moment to reflect on all of the gifts in our lives. We are incredibly excited to start a new year together!


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