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campus & learning spaces

The Sycamore School is nestled in the beautiful canyons of Malibu just less than a mile above PCH. Surrounded by mountains and next to a small creek, the campus boasts large, shady, outdoor spaces for exploration and play. In addition to these spaces, we also have an outdoor sports court, several play apparatus, and a garden center. Due to this natural setting, we are often visited by a host of interesting wildlife species.

Our learning spaces are comprised of mobile and versatile furniture, allowing our students the flexibility to construct a workspace best suited to the task. Whiteboard paint on most of our walls allows for mapping out the big ideas. Each space has its own library and access to digital technology. We are also thrilled to have a fully functioning maker space on campus, complete with work tables, hammers, saws, screwdrivers, a 3-D printer, and much more. Join us for a tour and see it all for yourself.

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