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day trips & outdoor education

Outdoor education is an invaluable part of the educational experience for young students. Building social skills, independence, and self-reliance are but a few of the positive outcomes achieved when kids get away from their everyday surroundings and are exposed to new, and often challenging, environments.  These opportunities deepen relationships and extend student learning beyond the borders of Malibu.

Spring 2022

After having to cancel outdoor education trips for several years during quarantine, our 5th graders returned to the wild with a memorable trip to our local island. Students learned about marine biology, microplastics, sustainability, nocturnal instincts, and much more. We had a blast snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and doing archery.


Fall 2019

We joined our middle school students for this unbelievable week-long adventure in Yosemite National Park. We spent our days in the valley, surrounded by some of the world's most impressive and awe-inspiring natural monuments.


Spring 2019

The Spring 2019 trip took us up the coast to El Capitan State Beach, with the Santa Barbara Adventure Company, where our students challenged themselves in the high ropes course, played cooperative games, went on a night hike, and spent a day on the water. This floating classroom experience helped us learn about the local islands, marine biology, and even gave us a chance to kayak with a few dolphins.


Spring 2018

Our students joined the Ocean Institute's "California Time Capsule" overnight trip.  Students explored a rich variety of engaging learning experiences at one of California's missions, while building lasting social bonds.