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Poetry Night

Educator Emmarose hosted Sycamore School's first annual Poetry Night to celebrate her students' beautiful and expressive poems! Over the course of their study, Emmarose observed her students find their voices as writers. Their process included learning to read and write different styles of poetry.

These are her students' beautiful replies when asked, "how do you feel about poetry?"

S.K. - "It feels real."

S.R. - "It is inspiring. I think poetry is for everyone."

L.T. - "I felt like I was in the story I was writing. I was free in my mind."

E.C. - "It's like your imagination is inside the paper."

All students at Sycamore were invited to share their poems in front of an authentic audience. Inspired by their time studying poetry with parent/poet, Jonathan Cake, Clubhouse students joined in the celebration! The older students offered support and positive feedback to the younger poets while sharing their deep, creative thinking.

Throughout Poetry Night, the room was filled with warmth and pride as these young poets shared their passions, creativity, and joy! To honor the writers, family members wrote reflections on the evening on their table coverings. One parent wrote, "You are all so brave and articulate and creative. I was inspired!" Some family members even wrote their own poems! The parent reflections were shared the next day and provide an opportunity for everyone to build a beautiful memory of their first annual Poetry Night!

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