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Tiny Space Architects

Restaurant Wars continue! This week, students in Emmarose's group completed their blueprints, and began to construct three dimensional models of their tiny restaurants. Inspired by the guiding question, What is the relationship between producers and consumers?, students were challenged to create a space that provided a good experience for customers. Restaurant groups thought critically about how their decor and interior design both represented their theme and created experiences that would make their customers want to return

Under the Ocean Café, inspired by the Fijian culture and landscape, includes a glass floor, through which customers can see fish swimming around below them. On each table, glass centerpieces with coral inside help to create the ocean ambiance.

At The World of Organic, customers can choose their own food experience. Eight different dining rooms are available, each showcasing a different country or region's cuisine. In order to reach as many customers as possible, this restaurant included many different elements, such as pools, hot tubs, a gumball machine, and wiggly chairs for those who need them.

When a customer walks into Coral Reef Café, they will feel like they are outside again! This restaurant includes a pool, hot tub, palm trees, and a fire pit. Inspired by Hawaii, this restaurant incorporates traditional ingredients such as taro root and pork into their signature dish.

Following the completion of the 3D models, students will begin practicing for the judges' panel. Thinking about their audience, they will create talking points that encourage and persuade customers to visit their restaurants.


A Week at a Glance for Emmarose's Group

Communication Literacy

  • Book groups

  • Fluency, intonation, vocabulary, vowel partners and digraphs

  • Making predictions, character exploration

  • Adjectives and nouns

  • Sight word and verb spelling work

Patterns and Modeling

  • Number representation puzzles

  • How many different ways can we represent numbers?

  • Perimeter and area with quadrilaterals

  • Number Lines

  • Addition and subtraction on the number line

  • Play Strike It Out


  • Complete blueprints (adding labels, color)

  • "How does your restaurant provide a good experience for customers (consumers)?

  • Begin working on 3D restaurant models

  • Group brainstorming ("How many different ways could you use this button?")

Additional Activities

  • Baking bread with Karen Mordechai

  • Creating a bread plate that represents their restaurant theme

  • 3D Printing with AJ

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